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The Underground Railroad Interpretive Center

The Cozad-Bates House is open to the public every Saturday from Noon - 4 pm.
Volunteers from Restore Cleveland HOPE are available to answer questions. Find out more about our Walking Tours, Find and Seek Game, and Beloved Community Dialogues. You can also contact us to schedule a private tour.

Walking Tour

Walking Tours

Walking Tours are available by appointment. Weather permitting.

Find & Seek Children

Seek and Find Game

Guest are invited to play our outside Seek and Find Game.

Beloved Community Dialogues

Beloved Community Dialogues

Contact us to schedule a Beloved Community Dialogues session.

Thank You AAQDG!

Restore Cleveland Hope is so grateful to the African American Quilt and Doll Guild (AAQDG) who recently presented us with a beautiful and meaningful gift of a quilt with 15 different quilt codes. One of those codes is the Crossroads pattern which represents the City of Cleveland. With so many UGRR paths leading north through Ohio, it would have helped to have a symbol for Cleveland. Some historians have questioned the validity of the story of the quilt symbols. What we know is that escaping from being enslaved was a very dangerous act. We also know for sure that there were lots of codes in song and symbols of all kinds which allowed freedom seekers to secretly share information and to find helpers. We choose to believe that one of the means of resistance and help was the placement of quilts outside that might warn of danger or point north.


Quilt Codes

The Quilters who made this gorgeous quilt are:
Norma Dixon (quilted the entire quilt)
Sandra Moore
Norma Dixon
Laura Croom
Felecia Tinker
Brenda Jackson
Jackki Boyd
Maude Fields
Bess Gates
Barbara Eady
Gloria Kellon

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